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IFSAC Administration
Oklahoma State University
1812 Tyler Avenue
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74078

Phone: (405) 744-8303
Fax: (405) 744-8802

Membership and Accreditation

For questions regarding membership, accreditation or related inquiries, or to verify an IFSAC seal issued by an IFSAC accredited certifying entity, please email

If there is a specific staff person you want to contact, click here, or on the IFSAC Administration link at the bottom of each page.


If you have questions regarding certification or how to obtain reciprocity, please contact the certifying entity of the appropriate jurisdiction. You can find contact information in the Certificate Assembly Member Directory or by visiting the certifying entity's web page.

To find out which certifying entities are accredited by IFSAC and the levels of certification each is accredited for, please click on the Certificate Assembly Accredited Members link on the left side of the page.

College Credit

To inquire about college credit, please contact the admissions office or appropriate department of the institution you are interested in. A list of fire-related degree programs accredited by IFSAC can be found by clicking on the Degree Assembly Accredited Members link on the right side of the page. Contact information can be found in the Degree Assembly Member Directory.


IFSAC Administration Staff

Clayton Moorman
Departmental Manager
Email: cmoorman@ifsac.org

Eldonna Creager
IFSAC Program Manager
Email: ecreager@ifsac.org

Jillian Conaghan
Assistant Coordinator
Email: jillian.conaghan@okstate.edu

Dana Schmidt
Administrative Specialist
Email: dana.schmidt@mail.okstate.edu



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